About us

The brand

In the family tree of our founder, Robin Remmler, the nobility name KÖNIGSTEYN appears in a long time past. Photos and records show the clothing style of Mr. KÖNIGSTEYN, which was characterized by elegance, exclusivity and was always a handmade product.

The KÖNIGSTEYN brand stands for precisely these characteristics and brings these elements back into the 21st century in the area of men's clothing.

The product range includes wristwatches, business bags and ties.

All of our products are made of the highest quality materials:

The wristwatches are made of sapphire glass and a mechanical clockwork, business bags are made of leather. The ties are made of the purest silk

The KÖNIGSTEYN brand is sold as an exclusive brand exclusively by the owner himself and by selected partners such as premium jewelers and men's outfitters. An extensive retail approach for the mass market is deliberately avoided.

Make your outfit and appearance elegant, exclusive and unique.

Are you ready for your KÖNIGSTEYN lifestyle?